Marble quarry at Oi Fo’o Rated Less Favorable Community

Bima City (NTB)—Student Executive Body (BEM) College of Social and Political Sciences (STISIP) Mbojo Milky Marble highlight the existence of mines in the vicinity of villages Oi Fo’o East Rasanae district, the City of Bima. They assess the existence of Marble quarry does not provide full benefits for local people-quite the contrary to give certain benefits to a handful of officials.

BEM Chairman STISIP Mbojo Milky Firhadis deplores the government’s policy to bring investors the mine. Disinyali, the presence of mines is the result of a unilateral decision of the City of Bima. “This proves the existence of some people who do not want to move from the mine site to the new location specified by the government,” he said, as confirmed in the secretariat of the BEM STISIP Mbojo Milky Monday.

He said, the presence of mines in Oi Fo’o it will bring negative impact to people’s lives Bima City forward. Admittedly also, despite the presence of the mine will bring change, but not changes to society, but only a few persons concerned.

Firhadis worry about the presence of marble mining in the village that will come up with new problems, such as the loss of springs to cause the occurrence of drought-productive land can no longer be used by the community. ‘Crucial concerns is the presence of WTS (Women prostitutes, red) which can damage the morale of society Bima. As happened in Maluk, West Sumbawa regency after the PT NNT, “he said.

Earlier, Mayor Bima Qurais H H Abidin SE, asking local people to keep investors fully accept the coming of Marble. Because, he said, the coming of investors is not for personal or group interests, but for the welfare and progress of the town of Bima. “We should not look at one side only, but the existence of Marble investors a chance to give employment and welfare in the region itself,” said MN Qurais as reported previously, in a Ramadan safari activities, held at Masjid Ainun Jariah, Fo’o Oi village, last Monday.(Yadin)


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